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So, you took the plunge and decided to invest in the equitable option of granite countertops. Now what? Protecting your investment is a logical starting point for the Kitchener homeowners who’ve gone with stone. After all, you want your countertop to keep the same polished look that it had from the day it was installed. The financial commitment involved in installing granite can very much prove to be wasteful if it isn’t properly cared for. The following basic tips will help you maintain the integrity of your granite in your Kitchener home.


After installing granite countertops, they should be given an initial sealing. However, for established pieces, there is a quick process to check whether it is necessary. First, soak a paper towel and place it on your countertop for a couple minutes. If, when removed, it leaves a noticeable discoloration, it’s time for a new seal. When beginning your seal, the granite must be sprayed with cleaner and wiped down. When dry, you must evenly spray a sealer on the countertop. The sealer should be allowed roughly 30 minutes to absorb. Prior to completely drying, you may spray another small coat of sealer and wipe it into the stone. Finally, wait the directed time (generally between 1-2 hours) and apply one last coast of sealer. Be sure to use non-toxic sealer on kitchen countertops where food will be prepared.


The quicker that water or other spills are cleaned up, the better. Immediate cleaning prevents any liquids from penetrating or gradually absorbing into the stone, whether sealed or not. A dry counter is a good thing, so it is beneficial to get rid of any moisture. Luckily, water stains are typically a temporary issue, as they disappear when evaporation occurs.

What to Avoid

Any liquids with acidic properties are the enemy to maintaining a healthy piece of granite (or natural stone in general). Vinegar, lemon or lime juices, or select cleaners can damage or stain your stone. Abrasives like dry / soft cleansers can also be harmful. Although it is good for removing soap scum build-up, ammonia solution isn’t a suitable cleaner for kitchen countertops due to its toxicity.


Cutting boards are an effective defence against scratches. They help avoid ever having to make any direct contact between sharp objects and your granite. While granite is a durable, heat-resistant stone, it is best to utilize placemats in order to avoid the risk of damaging or scratching the surface. Coasters are another surface-saver that Kitchener homeowners can use as protection. Many drinks contain some form of acidity, so it is imperative to avoid rings or spillage, which result in staining.
The battle of cleaning and caring for your granite countertop should be of the highest priority in homecare for Kitchener residents who sport natural stone. One of the reasons why natural stone (or granite in particular) is so equitable is its longevity. Granite has the capability to last beyond a lifetime if tended to and sealed regularly. Still, it takes a legitimate commitment to preserve it. Keep it dry and keep it clean!

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